Constructing Your Marketing Funnel

Creating an online business requires focus and clarity. It also requires building a marketing sales structure known as a “marketing funnel.” Since the Internet is a vast potential source of traffic, you must find a way to cut through the target audience. Once you’ve got your target clear in mind, here are four general steps needed to make your marketing funnel and make a sale, find a customer or sign up a new business partner.

Image is a funnel The wider top represents the customers who will enter your sales process. Traffic can be driven in the funnel with paid advertising or content on the web (blogs, websites, and social media). As soon as a prospect enters your funnel, you can quickly In order to get them to contact them, you must After you deliver the value you promised, they will go into your database of contacts (your list), so now you can market them them throughout the funnel process clickfunnels pricing 2019.

Front-End Offer
Your front-end offer is usually a free offer. It may be an e-book, report, or 20-minute free consultation The point is to offer something for free that they want Once they consume this free-offer, you can offer them an upsell at the checkout. The upsell can be a low-cost product or mid-range product. It depends on the market Remember to always give them what they are looking for What you do not want to do at this point is your primary (more expensive) product Save this for later after you have gained value and built a trust with a foundation of trust.

Back-End Offer
Since the prospect is in your database, by now you should have set up a series of automated emails that are scheduled for your inbox by your auto-responder. These emails are meant to deepen your relationship with you. You will deliver delivering free training (videos, pdf files, etc.) that you know will benefit your target audience. After you have reached your point of view, you can offer your primary product or service. They will be more likely to buy from this point. In fact, they will thank you for the offer. The primary offer may be your company’s high-end product, business opportunity, or full-length training program.

Follow-Up Offers
Your database of prospects is your business asset You have control over your list and you can stay in business as long as they stay on. You must constantly think of the whole process of the funnel because you have new prospects entering the funnel everyday. They will move between the steps in the automated way In essence, your marketing funnel is a cash flow machine that runs on practically on autopilot.

There are many other offers. These include affiliate products and services, your own informational products you develop, launch specials of new businesses, and continuity programs (ongoing membership sites). There is no end to the creativity you can offer your products and services.

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